21 décembre 2012

Physical interactions of BMPR1A

Using the structure of BMP-2 bound to its type I receptor (ALK3) as a guide, we introduced mutations in the context of the inhibin betaA cDNA and assessed the signaling activity of the resulting mutant BMPR1A.
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21 décembre 2012

Associations of BMPR1A with chemical compounds

Mutations in SMAD4 and BMPR1A, implicated in the Transforming Growth Factor beta pathway, have recently been characterized, and hold significance in the management of patients and at risk family members .
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21 décembre 2012

Anatomical context of BMPR1A

Using somatic cell hybrid and FISH analyses, the BMPR1A, BMPR1B, and BMPR2 genes were assigned to 10q23, 4q22-24, and 2q33-34, respectively. Severe pulmonary hypertension is associated with an increased expression of the angiogenic factor, angiopoietin-1, which shuts off the expression of BMPR1A, a transmembrane protein necessary for BMPR2 signalling, and thereby causes pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation.
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