TNF tumor cell plasma membrane with a certain period of the First performance ofspecific receptor binding at the cell surface to form a cap gathered into the roomcell, move along microtubules and lysosomes into the cell combined with TNF under the action of lysosomal rupture, releasinglysosomal enzymes resulting in cell autolysis. Clinical has been confirmed that the cytotoxicity of TNF on a variety of tumors and inhibition of growth, and had no effect on normal tissue cells, and nospecies-specific, its biological activity:
① With the immune function of the same tumor, the anticancer effect of direct and indirect double activity and nutrition vascular hemorrhage and necrosis;
(2) to stimulate fibroblast proliferation;
③ inhibit the activity of lipoprotein lipids;
(4) induced IL-2 and IL-6;
⑤ enhance the adhesion of neutrophils to vascular endothelium;
⑥ enhance the activity of coagulation factors and tissue factor;
⑦ produce bacteria dissolved stimulating factor. In vitro on human tumor cells (suchas nasopharyngeal cancer, uterine cancer, leukemia) has directly inhibit the proliferation. In the body can cause tumor necrosis, tumor regression resulting indisappear.

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